In April, 2013 our powerful irrigation well unexpectedly failed. Repeated attempts to repair it cost us our life savings. At the urging of our friends, we launched a make-or-break crowd funding campaign to build a new well that would cost us $150,000. Sixty days later, on January 20, 2014, we miraculously reached our goal all because of the outpouring of support by over 500 caring hearts. The ranch and our bison have been saved and the real work of rebuilding begins. Stay with us as we work through this historic California drought to restore water, reseed, re-fence the biodiverse pasture and haygrounds to a thriving, sustainable 100% grassfed bison operation.

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What we do:
1. pasture raised, grassfed and grass finished bison
2. lush irrigated pasture during summer, dry grass (hay) during winter
3. smooth game fencing only; no animal can come in contact with barbed wire
4. fine sand for wallowing
5. salt & mineral supplements
6. salvage & erect used street sweeper brushes for scratching
7. natural parasite control through the use of diatomaceous earth (see future plans for heritage turkeys)
8. fresh well water in stock tanks with built-in 'small critter ramps' (if a mouse or other small creature should accidentally fall in while trying to get a drink, they can safely climb back out)
9. encourage strong family units by mimicing Nature's cycle; bulls remain with cows year round to produce robust calves in the spring and natural predator control year round
10. slow, low-stress management techniques

What we don't do:
1. no grain or corn - no feedlots or feedyards - ever.
2. no added hormones, antibiotics or animal byproducts
3. no barbed wire
4. dehorn, castrate or artificially inseminate
5. no pesticides herbicides or other –cides
6. we don't sell our calves for quarter-horse training

Future plans at Lindner Bison's Heritage Ranch:
1. new paddocks for rotational grazing
2. portable pens & roosts for pastured heritage turkeys
3. 24-hour web-cam for remote education
4. educational tours
5. parameter trees for windbreak

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"Standing into the Storm” is a heart story, made astronomically more poignant because it's true. This is the untold story about the integrity food movement -- the sheer passion and persistence required to bring healing food to the culture. Behind the scenes of every integrity food producer is a story of finding heart, not losing heart, filling hearts. Kathy Lindner captures the drama and soul of heritage food like an Indian Chief protecting his village from the Seventh Cavalry. Few people have the privilege of living out such conviction and care. As I read this nurturing story, wiping tears many times, my heart yearned for everyone who cares to immerse themselves in these pages. It speaks to your heart.
- JOEL SALATIN, Polyface Farms,
Swoope, VA



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