In April, 2013 our powerful irrigation well unexpectedly failed. Repeated attempts to repair it cost us our life savings. At the urging of our friends, we launched a make-or-break crowd funding campaign to build a new well that would cost us $150,000. Sixty days later, on January 20, 2014, we miraculously reached our goal all because of the outpouring of support by over 500 caring hearts. The ranch and our bison have been saved and the real work of rebuilding begins. Stay with us as we work through this historic California drought to restore water, reseed, re-fence the biodiverse pasture and haygrounds to a thriving, sustainable 100% grassfed bison operation.

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Our pioneering heros:

Berry, Wendell - The Unsettling of America; essays, poems

Carlston, Margaret (1861-1931), great-grandmother of Kathy Margaret Lindner
Cattle Queen of Montana®
Cattle Queen of Montana

Fallon, Sally - Nourishing Traditions

Jackson, Wes - Becoming Native to this Place; founder/president The Land Institute

Kenner, Robert - director "Food Inc."

Petrini, Carlo - founder, Slow Food organization

Pollan, Michael - In Defense of Food; Omnivore's Dilemma; Food Rules; article Power Steer

Robinson, Jo - Why Grassfed is Best; Pasture Perfect; founder/director

Salatin, Joel - Salad Bar Beef, Sheer Ecstasy of being a Lunatic Farmer;
Everything I want to do is Illegal; Folks, this ain't normal

Schlosser, Eric - Fast Food Nation


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"Standing into the Storm” is a heart story, made astronomically more poignant because it's true. This is the untold story about the integrity food movement -- the sheer passion and persistence required to bring healing food to the culture. Behind the scenes of every integrity food producer is a story of finding heart, not losing heart, filling hearts. Kathy Lindner captures the drama and soul of heritage food like an Indian Chief protecting his village from the Seventh Cavalry. Few people have the privilege of living out such conviction and care. As I read this nurturing story, wiping tears many times, my heart yearned for everyone who cares to immerse themselves in these pages. It speaks to your heart.
- JOEL SALATIN, Polyface Farms,
Swoope, VA



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